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Candy Floss Princess Parties

You will Sparkle, Glimmer and shine and have a glorious time. Telephone: 07523 384 082

Fairytale REAL Princess party

Princess party

More than simply offering costumed entertainers, Our Real Life princesses provide fun and engaging entertainment. Our goal is to provide an enchanting experience through our beloved Princess characters. We are dedicated to capturing the belief of children through our authenticity. We have Elsa all the way from Frozen, Cinderella, Belle, and many more. These parties really are a Fairytale come true.

  • Personalized letter to the Birthday Girl
  • One Direction invites
  • Mini Manicure or Pedicure or Glitter Varnish
  • Hand Massage
  • 1 Direction Tattoos
  • Make Up
  • Hair Accessories
  • Jewellery
  • Hair Sprinkles
  • Funny Glasses
  • Hair Pieces
  • Feather Boas
  • Bubble Machine
  • One Direction Karaoke
  • Various Competitions
  • Red Carpet Catwalk
  • Loom Bracelet Making
  • Games with 1 Direction Prizes
  • One Direction Music

To order this party please choose from the different options below.

Please choose which price party you require
Fair Real Prinytalecess Party Friday - Sunday £199:
  Fairytale Real Princess Party Monday - Thursday £169:

Please place your order below. (Click on items to see description)

                 How many Sweet Cones do you require £2.99 each 
                 How many Candy Lollies do you require £1.49 each 
                     How many Cup Cakes do you require £1.50 each

                  How many Goody bags do you require £4.00p each.   
How many Plates (8 Per Pack) do you require £2.99   
                          How many Piñata do you require £12.99 each 
    How many Cups (8 Per Pack) do you require £3.99

      How many Straws (12 Pk) do you require ? £1.99 
   How many table covers do you require £3.99 each 
        How many Table Runners do you require £3.99

                         Do you require our Vintage Sweet Buffet from£50.00
                        Do you require a Birthday Cake? £25.00
                              Do you require Decorations from £15.00
      Do you require party Gift Wrap £2.59
                          Do you require party occasion card from £3.50 £3.50

   How many Party Hats (Pack of 8) do you require £2.90 each 
                How many party blowers do you require £2.99 each 
              Party Poppers (Pack of 10) do you require £4.99 each 
               How many Party Balloons do you require £2.00 each 

           How many Party Candles (10 Pk) do you require? £3.99 
   How many Party Badges (10 Pk) do you require? £3.99 each 
              Napkins (16 Per Pack) do you require? £2.99 
How many Pink/Milk Champagne Flutes do you require? £5.99 

*No Payment is required at this point. Once we recieve your order we will check date availability and contact you.

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